Theatre / Cinema

The first theatre building on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia – North Macedonia was built in Skopje in 1906 by the Skopje vali (governor of a vilayet) Shefket Pasha. The repertoire mostly included guest performances by theatrical groups and ensembles. About the same time, a theatre building was constructed in Bitola as well, begun in 1897 at the insistence of the Bitola vali Abdul Kerim and finished in 1908.

There are 13 active professional theatres in Macedonia – North Macedonia. In the 1993/94 season they held 1,596 performances, attended by more than 330,000 people.

The Macedonian National Theatre (Drama, Opera and Ballet companies), the Drama Theatre, the Theatre of the Nationalities (Albanian and Turkish Drama companies) and the other theatre companies comprise about 870 professional actors, singers, ballet dancers, directors, playwrights, set and costume designers, etc. There is also a professional theatre for children and three amateur theatres.

For over thirty years now a traditional festival of Macedonian professional theatres has been taking place in Prilep in honor of Vojdan Cernodrinski, the founder of the modern Macedonian theatre. Each year a festival of amateur and experimental Macedonian theatre companies is held in Kocani.

Macedonian National Opera and Ballet in Skopje is a place where you can see classic opera and ballet pieces.

Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje is a new theater building and has been constructed on the foundation of the old theater which was destroyed in 1963 Skopje earthquake.It is located in the gleaming Italianate building on Skopje’s riverfront, bedecked with theatrical statues. The theater is luxuriously decorated, with glided ornaments inside and outside and statues on the roof. The new building which meets the highest standards for construction of such institutions, offers possibility for nourishing the art, culture and realizing high-quality performances. It hosts classical and modern opera, ballet and classical music productions.

Teatar za deca i mladinci in Skopje (Theater for Children and Youth)- Located right in the heart of the city, the Theater for Children and Youth was established and funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia – North Macedonia in 1990. Three different types of shows, puppet, children’s and youth, are being performed throughout the country and abroad. Since the founding of the theater, over 220 shows were performed on its stage including 3 premieres.

Dom na kulturata Gligor Prlichev in Ohrid holds cultural events such as traditional song and dance during festivals, and houses Ohrid’s movie theatre.

Cineplexx City Mall Skopje– Cineplexx Skopje City Mall is part of an international cinema chain and includes nine theaters that play the newest movie blockbusters in a mix to suit everyone’s taste.

Kino Milenium Skopje– City Cinema Milenium is one of the oldest cinemas in the country, but has been continuously upgraded to the standards of worldwide cinema entertainment. Although it has only one theater it still manages to bring all the blockbuster movies just as they premiere.