The unique place on earth with amazing landscapes and breathtaking views. Thick forest, mountain rivers, waterfalls are hidden deep in the forests and clear lakes. One of the most beautiful lakes of Macedonia – North Macedonia is Ohrid lake, one of the worlds oldest and deepest lakes with a unique aquatic ecosystem and more than 200 endemic species.

Unesco world heritage site since 1979 that straddles the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia – North Macedonia and eastern Albania. Besides the natural and cultural value together with the city of Ohrid and the Galicica National Park, it is a travel hot spot for everyone looking for some outdoor adventure.

These waters hide the history of many species, relict creatures from one of the oldest lakes in Europe. The famous Ohrid pearls are made from the scales of the endemic Ohrid Lake Plasica fish which makes them unique in the world. Ohrid pearl is without a doubt the best souvenir from Ohrid as well as the most appropriate gift for a lady.

Mavrovo National Park is the largest protected area in the country making the largest National Park of Macedonia – North Macedonia. It was formed in 1949 to protect the natural beauty and nowadays it covers an area of 72,204ha of which some 27,000ha are forested. On the mountain slopes, at a great height, there are 17 glacial lakes that complement the amazing scenery. The highest mountain peak in the country is proudly a part of Mavrovo National Park. At 2764 meters high – Korab is the most beautiful mountain landscape in Macedonia – North Macedonia. The alpine climate is combined with green meadows, dense forests and rocky peaks which easily reach above 2,000 meters in height. The melting of the snow creates the highest waterfall in Macedonia – North Macedonia with a total vertical drop of 136 meters. The magic of Korab is even more alluring thanks to its beautiful glacial lakes and fresh flowing streams. Spending the day walking, cycling or hiking in this area is a must for every thrill-seeking visitor of Macedonia – North Macedonia.

Less than 10 miles from Skopje is Matka Canyon, where the Treska River weaves past limestone cliffs before pooling in the emerald Matka Lake. Drive to the end of the road and nab a table on a stone terrace at the Canyon Matka Hotel’s lakefront restaurant. Rent a kayak and paddle upriver to Vrelo Cave, a deep chasm with lit pathways and wooden steps that leads to underground lakes. For those with less pep, motorboat tours are available.

Matka Canyon is also a magnet for rock climbers. A 40-minute hike leads to popular routes, many near the tiny Monastery of St. Nicholas Shishovski. If you’re not up for scaling rock walls, take a seat on the cliffhanger deck and watch.