Macedonian cuisine is another way to express the soul of the land and the rich tradition. Macedonian food is one of the most delicious food in the world, prepared with a lot of love and patience.

A lot of dishes prepared in the past are still used nowadays with some small adaptation, but they are still delicious.

People of Macedonia – North Macedonia tend to dedicate a lot of attention to the preparation of a meal, which almost resembles a ritual because it is not only a meal but also an experience.

The Macedonian cuisine, is a representative of the cuisine of the Balkans, reflecting Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences and to a lesser extent Italian, Mediterranean and Hungarian ones.

Macedonian traditional cuisine includes mainly meat that is prepared carefully and in a large quantity. Some of the most favored dishes are stuffed cabbage rolls or Sarma, traditional Macedonian food prepared with minced meat and rice, rolled in cabbage. This traditional dish is prepared mostly in winter. Other traditional dishes are Moussaka or Musaka prepared with minced meat and potato slices, Piftija (Macedonian aspic) dish usually made in winter with meat, bones and a lot of garlic. Burek is the most delicious pastry in the world, filled with ground meat, cheese or spinach. Potato stew or Kompir Mandza it is a stew with chopped meat, pieces of potato and vegetables. Macedonian doughnuts or Mekici are usually made when a baby is born and the mother in law prepares them for the newborn. It is a type of fried dough. Very delicious and are a great combination with cheese.

Ajvar  is the Macedonian dish typically prepared in fall with roasted red peppers. You cannot resist the smell of the Ajvar during its preparation. In combination with fresh bread and white cheese is a unique please for your mouth.

Macedonian pizza or Pastrmajlija has oval shape specially made dough, with topping from cubed meat called pastrma.

Tavche Gravche or just Gravce (boiled beans with onion, pepper, tomato, oil, and various species) is a must on Friday.

Sharska Pleskavica ( giant beef burger filled with cheese and topped with cheese).  

Shopska Salata it is a salad made from fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and grated white cheese. In great combination with homemade Rakija (Macedonian brandy) made from grapes. Rakija is a drink with a lot of features, it can be used like natural medicine, for pain, illness, and disinfection. Usually drunk to start the lunch, to cheer for something or to forget something.

Apart from homemade rakija, Macedonians are well known for making vine which is carefully kept for winter. Macedonians are known for their hospitality and lovers of a large quantity of food and a good glass of rakija or wine.

Real trademarks of Macedonia – North Macedonia are Skopsko Pivo (beer made of barley malt; cereals; hops; and brewer’s yeast) and Mastika which is originally a liquor made from the resin of the mastic tree. It is usually poured over ice and enjoyed with Meze (selection of appetizers or small dishes).

As a lover of a good food, Macedonians are also enjoying the taste of the international cuisine and are preparing the dish with the same amount of care as a traditional one.

The love towards food and drinks can be seen and felt in every dish that is served to the satisfaction of any visitor. It has become more than a daily routine; it is an experience that will perfectly complete every stay in Macedonia – North Macedonia.