Internet and Phone

Macedonia – North Macedonia has a nationwide broadband wireless backbone, which allows businesses and individuals to obtain high-speed, reliable, Internet connections. Wireless internet is available in all major cities, and it is offered free of charge in cafes, hotels, and restaurants.

Nowadays, the majority of the population rely on cell phones rather than landline telephones. The two main mobile phone companies in Macedonia – North Macedonia are VIP and Telecom For more information about the prices of these services visit:


The most popular daily newspapers in Macedonia – North Macedonia are Vecer, Sloboden Pecat, Nova Makedonija, Fokus etc.


There public broadcaster channel in Macedonia – North Macedonia is MTV- Macedonian Radio and Television founded in 1993.

Popular private TV channels are : Sitel, Kanal 5, Telma, Alfa, etc.

Blizoo is one the most popular cable platforms in Macedonia – North Macedonia.


There are over 100 radio stations across Macedonia – North Macedonia. Some of the best ones are Antenna 5, Kanal 77, Sky Radio, Makedonsko Radio, Jazz FM, Radio Bubamara etc.