Museums In Macedonia – North Macedonia

The Feudal Tower- memorial home of Mother Teresa

The feudal tower was built in the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. The tower is high 14 m. makes part of the House of ARM, the unique preserved monument in the new part of the city. The time when it was built and the one who built it are not known. Most probably it is feudal tower of some Turkish bay. After the earthquake it was little damaged but today it is in god condition. The memorial home of Mother Teresa is situated in it. This extraordinary retro-futuristic memorial is the most unique church you’ll see in Macedonia. Inside the building there’s a small first-floor museum displaying memorabilia relating to the famed Catholic nun of Calcutta, born in Skopje in 1910. On the second floor there is a mind-boggling chapel, with glass walls wrought in filigree (a revered traditional craft of Skopje). Silhouettes of doves are worked into the filigree to symbolise peace, as a homage to Mother Teresa. The memorial sits on the site of a much earlier church, where Mother Teresa was baptised; a plaque around the corner commemorates the spot where she was brought into the world. The tower, with its stooped wooden balcony, is now crumbling and condemned but it still has city historians confounded: nobody knows why it was built, as this side of the Vardar river was thought to be uninhabited at the time of its construction. There are gun holes in the tower walls, so all that is clear is that it was used for defence: somebody must have had something to protect, they’re just not sure who or what.

The Museum of Skopje

This object is built in 1940. Its amazing look is a work of the architects from that time. On this place was situated the Railway Station of Skopje. After the catastrophic earth-quake from 26.07.1963 the most of the object was ruin. Today, in this object is situated the Museum of the city. The clock hands are showing the time and the minutes of this tragically event.

Natural History Museum of Macedonia – North Macedonia

The Natural History Museum of Macedonia – North Macedonia was constructed in 1924 immediately in front of the building of the ZOO. The museum has a pale ontological material unique in the Balkan. There is a huge number (526) of birds and other animals shown in the museum. The museum is situated in the yard of the ZOO, on the western side from City Park.

National museum in Ohrid- Robevi family house

The National Museum is located in the Robevi family house, a masterpiece of 19th century Ohrid town architecture, in Samuil street. The museum contains archeological collections of artefacts from prehistoric time and from the classical and medieval periods of Ohrid history. Is also possesses a rich collection of icons, numismatic collection of 9000 coins dating from the classical period and right up to the latter Middle Ages and documents from the period of the linden uprising.

Other museums of Macedonia – North Macedonia include the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia – North Macedonia, Daut Pasha Hammam, Chifte Hamam, The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje, Town Museum in Kriva Palanka, Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments- the National Museum in Ohrid, Museum on water “ bay of bones” in Ohrid, Museum of Bitola, etc.